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F-18F Hornet EDF E-Master ARF Plus

White Gelcoat Version:
From $995 Airframe Only

Externally Painted:
From $1,095 Airframe Only

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  • Wingspan: 51 in (1300mm)
  • Length: 70.5 in (1790mm)
  • Recommended Turbine: 60N after conversion
  • Power: 13-18 lbs (6-7kg) thrust
  • EDF: 105-125mm Fan Unit
  • Radio: 9+ Channel (Required)
  • Full composite construction
  • Accurate scale surface
  • Super light and strong
  • All live Hinging with precision gap sealing

F-18F Hornet Available Schemes

Click the images below for scheme & pricing details. Prices listed below are for the "Airframe Only" without upgrades.
Call (800) 447-3408 or email for freight quotes and package pricing.

Factory Order
White Gelcoat
EF100: $995
Factory Order
Blue Angel
EF180BA: $1,095
Factory Order
Diamond Scheme
EF187NF: $1,095
Factory Order
Jolly Roger
EF187JR: $1,095
Factory Order
VFA-211 Scheme
EF188: $1,095
Factory Order
Canada Scheme
EF188CA: $1,095
Factory Order
Bounty Hunter
EF189: $1,095

F-18F Hornet Upgrade Options

Scale Landing Gear



Hardware Kit




Air Kit



Painted Landing Gear