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F-14 Tomcat PRO ARF Plus

White Gelcoat Version:
From $2,795 Airframe Only

Externally Painted:
From $3,295 Airframe Only

Click to See Available Factory Upgrades & Turbine Options

(E) Version: Elevons Only
(F) Version (Full Function Wings): Leading Edge, Flaps & Spoilers: ADD $800.00
  • Scale: 1:7.5
  • Wingspan: 105 in (2665mm)
  • Length: 100 in (2550mm)
  • Dry Weight: 44-54 lbs (20-25 kg)
  • Turbine: 80N and Up
  • Power: (2) 22-30Lb (10-14kg) thrust up
  • Servos: Requires 5-13 Standard Size
  • Radio: 12+ Channel (Required)
  • Full composite construction
  • Schemes are externally painted (No Seams)
  • Slats with Spoiler and Flap
  • F-14 Swept Wings
  • Optional Speed Brake
  • Optional Full Ordinance Kit
  • Designed for Turbine power from 100N and up
  • Removable elevator mechanism

"It (Skymaster F-14) is the best arf scale jet available on market today. It flies easy, stable, realistic and fast with the wings back!" Sebastiano Silvestri

F-14 Tomcat Available Schemes

Click the images below for scheme & pricing details. Prices listed below are for the "Airframe Only" without upgrades.
Call (800) 447-3408 or email for freight quotes and package pricing.

(E) Version: Elevons Only / (F) Version (Full Function Wings): Leading Edge, Flaps & Spoilers

Factory Order
White Gelcoat
A140E: $2,795
A140F: $3,495
Factory Order
Jolly Roger
A141E: $3,295
A141F: $3,995
Factory Order
Vandy VX9
A142E: $3,295
A142F: $3,995
Factory Order
Bounty Hunter
A143E: $3,295
A143F: $3,995
Factory Order
Just Win
A144E: $3,295
A144F: $3,995
Factory Order
A145E: $3,295
A145F: $3,995
Factory Order
Jolly Roger
A146E: $3,295
A146F: $3,995
Factory Order
Felix Scheme
A147E: $3,295
A147F: $3,995
Factory Order
Bounty Hunter
A148E: $3,295
A148F: $3,995
Factory Order
Black Lion
A149E: $3,295
A149F: $3,995
Factory Order
A150E: $3,295
A150F: $3,995
Factory Order
Blue Camo
A151E: $3,295
A151F: $3,995
Factory Order
Navy White
A152E: $3,295
A152F: $3,995
Factory Order
Felix Silver
A153E: $3,295
A153F: $3,995
Factory Order
Camo Scheme
A154E: $3,295
A154F: $3,995
Factory Order
Jolly Roger
A155E: $3,295
A155F: $3,995
Factory Order
Grim Reaper
A156E: $3,295
A156F: $3,995
Factory Order
NASA Scheme
A157E: $3,295
A157F: $3,995
Factory Order
A158E: $3,295
A158F: $3,995

F-14 Tomcat Upgrade Options

Scale Landing Gear
(Price Valid with Kit Purchase)



Ordinance Set with Pylons (Painted)
(Price Valid with Kit Purchase)




Air Kit



Gear Door Set with Cylinders (Installed)




Kevlar Fuel Tanks



Hardware Kit




Dual Wall Exhaust Pipes (x2) (P120-P180)



Operating Canopy




Speed Brake - Factory Installed



Painted Landing Gear



Cockpit Details w/o Pilot
(Price Valid with Kit Purchase)





(E) Version: Elevons Only...$3,295.00
(F) Version (Full Function Wings): Leading Edge, Flaps & Spoilers...$3,995.00