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F-4 Phantom PRO ARF Plus

White Gelcoat Version:
From $1,695 Airframe Only

Externally Painted:
From $2,295 Airframe Only

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  • Scale: 1:7.75
  • Wingspan: 63 in (1600mm)
  • Length:
    (Nose E): 98 1/4" (2500mm)
    (Nose C): 93 1/5" (2360mm)
  • Dry Weight: 34-36 lbs (14-16 kg)
  • Turbine: 160N and Up
  • Power: 34-36Lb (14-16kg) thrust
  • Servos: Minimun 9 Standard Size
  • Radio: 10+ Channel
  • Full composite construction
  • Schemes are externally painted (No Seams)
  • Designed for Turbine power from 160N and up
  • Carbon fiber tube plug-in for wings spars
  • Dual ball bearing for elevator
  • Carbon fiber tube for elevator
  • Aluminium for vertical fins shaft
  • All live hinging with precision gap sealing
  • Very scale surface with details and full rivets
  • Super strong and light
  • Optional operating canopy system with electronic canopy sequencer
  • Optional Landing Gear Includes:
    Hydraulic Oleo Struts with Disc Brakes & Inflatable Tires

F-4 Phantom Available Schemes

Click the images below for scheme & pricing details. Prices listed below are for the "Airframe Only" without upgrades.
Call (800) 447-3408 or email for freight quotes and package pricing.

Factory Order
White Gelcoat
AF410: $1,695
Blue Angel
AF411BA: $2,295
Factory Order
AF411TB: $2,295
Factory Order
Camo Scheme
AF412A: $2,295
Factory Order
French Scheme
AF412B: $2,295
Jolly Roger
AF413: $2,295
German Scheme
AF414DE: $2,295
Navy Scheme
AF415: $2,295
AF416: $2,295
Factory Order
Marine Scheme
AF417: $2,295
Factory Order
76th Scheme
AF418: $2,295
Factory Order
136th Scheme
AF419: $2,295
Factory Order
VF-51 Scheme
AF423: $2,295
Factory Order
USAF Scheme
AF424: $2,295
Factory Order
Midway Scheme
AF426: $2,295

F-4 Phantom Upgrade Options

Scale Landing Gear



Ordinance Set (Unpainted)




Air Kit



Ordinance Set (Painted)




Kevlar Fuel Tanks



Hardware Kit




Kevlar Fuel Tanks for Twins



Dual Wall Exhaust Pipe for Twins




Dual Wall Exhaust Pipe (P120-P160)



Cylinder Set for Gear Doors




Dual Wall Exhaust Pipe (P180-P200)



Carbon Fiber Bypass (P120-P160)



Cockpit Details w/o Pilot



Carbon Fiber Bypass (P180-P200)



Painted Landing Gear





PRO Version Upgrade: Landing Gear & Gear Doors Installed at Factory...$95.00