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Skymaster Ordering Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to build a Skymaster jet after placing an order?

Answer: It's common for a painted airframe to take 14-20 weeks. Newer model versions may take additional build time.

2. How much does it cost to ship my Skymaster Jet Air Freight?

Answer: Air Freight ships directly from Skymaster jets. Air freight rates are based on dimensional rates, (Length x width x Height) weights and box count is also calculated. To receive an Air Freight estimate we need your full name, address, city, state, zip code. Prior to shipping we will need your contact information, phone number and email address.

Chief Aircraft does not provide rate estimates with just a zip code or city and state only. We must have a complete address. Note, Rates fluctuate up and down and are not guaranteed after 90 days. As an example common rates for a Viper 2.6m Pro start from $650-750 and go up pending residential or city of destination.

3. Can my Skymaster Jet be shipped in a container?

Answer: Yes, Chief has several manufacturers in China, often orders from other manufactures are consolidated together in order to fill a container. Shipping by container is much less than air shipping however there is the time penalty.

When using ocean freight, completed orders are stationed at one location and held until all components are finished, time may vary due to other manufacturing deadlines. We do not ship containers with just a few planes, containers are shipped full. As an example ocean shipping for a Viper 2.3m is currently around $250-$300. The container would arrive in our Florida or Oregon stores, selection to east or west coast is based on Chief's location stock levels.

Once your Skymaster jet arrives the shipping cost is estimated to your delivery address.

4. How do I order parts for my Skymaster Jet?

Answer: Parts are shipped directly from Skymaster Jets via DHL or US Mail. Chief requires a photo of the paint scheme and full description of the item being replaced. Replacement parts are paid 100% in full prior to Chief placing the order.

There is no cancellation once Chief places the order. Same information in #2 applies to quotes or freight estimates, time estimates will be provided from Skymaster jets and relayed to you.

5. Can I get a custom scheme for my Skymaster Jet?

Answer: Usually Yes, you must be able to provide documentation of the scheme in detail, top, bottom and side. Small areas not documented cannot be accomplished. For more complicated schemes or one off schemes it may induce an additional charge. You will be advised prior to your order placement if any additional charge applies.