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1/6th Su-30SM Flanker PRO ARF Plus

White Gelcoat Version:
From $4,995 Airframe Only

Externally Painted:
From $5,795 Airframe Only

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  • Scale: 1:6
  • Wingspan: 96.7"(2457mm)
  • Length: 149.6"(3800mm) with the probe
  • Dry Weight: 57-64 lbs (26-29 kg)
  • Turbine: (2) 180-220N
  • Power: (2) 35-44Lb (16-20kg)
  • Full composite construction
  • Hydraulic system for Canards (no servo required)
  • Main Gear locking with the Fuselage
  • Schemes are externally painted (No Seams)
  • Optional Speed Brake
  • Designed for Twin Turbine Setup
  • All live Hinging with precision gap sealing
  • Accurate scale surface with details and full rivets
  • Super light and very strong

Su-30SM Flanker Available Schemes

Click the images below for scheme & pricing details. Prices listed below are for the "Airframe Only" without upgrades.
Call (800) 447-3408 or email for freight quotes and package pricing.

Factory Order
White Gelcoat
SU300: $4,995
Factory Order
India Scheme
SU301: $5,795
Factory Order
Blue Camo
SU302: $5,795
Factory Order
Blue Wave
SU303: $5,795
Factory Order
Russian Black
SU304: $5,795
Factory Order
Knight Scheme
SU305: $5,795
Factory Order
Russian Camo
SU306: $5,795
Factory Order
Camo 02 Scheme
SU307: $5,795
Factory Order
Digital Camo
SU308: $5,895
Factory Order
711 Scheme
SU309: $5,795
Factory Order
Blue 66 Scheme
SU310: $5,795
Factory Order
901 Scheme
SU311: $5,795
Factory Order
09 Scheme
SU312: $5,795
Factory Order
Gray Camo
SU313: $5,795
Factory Order
Gray Scheme
SU314: $5,795
Factory Order
Sun 14 Scheme
SU314: $5,795

Su-30SM Flanker Upgrade Options

1/6th Scale Landing Gear



Air Kit with Electronic Brake Valves




Kevlar Fuel Tank Cell (220oz / 10L)



Dual Wall Exhaust Pipe (for P180-P220)




Hardware Kit



Operating Canopy (Installed)




Gear Door Cylinders & Hinges (Installed)



Cockpit Kit w/o Pilots




Pylon Set (Painted)



Vector Thrust Nozzles with 4x MKS 599SL Servos Installed - PHOTO HERE




Ordinance Set - PHOTO HERE



Painted Landing Gear



Ordinance Set (Painted) - PHOTO HERE



Speed Brake Set (Installed)




Drag Chute Set - PHOTO HERE



Light Set (Installed) - PHOTO HERE


Weathering Finish